LCMC Organization


Board of Directors:

There are nine Directors, three elected from each of three districts to administer the Lake Cushman Maintenance Company. Each Director has one vote on all items coming before the Board. Each Director is elected for a staggered 3-year term, unless there is a vacancy being filled for a partial term. The Board elects four (4) officers – President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

The Board is the elected policy making body of the lot owners. It approves the budget and submits it to the members, communicates with the members and reports on the affairs of the corporation, and directs the General Manager in the ongoing conduct of the corporate business.

Director Elections:

Ballots for voting for Directors go out to voters by March 15th and must be returned no later than April 30th. When there is only one person running for a position, there is no election required. The results are announced in the LCMC Spring Newsletter, and at the Annual Public Meeting in June. New Directors take office at the Annual Public Meeting of the Corporation that is held the 3rd Saturday in June.

Candidates for the office of director must be lessees whose accounts are in good standing with LCMC. A candidate may run for office only in the district in which they have property. Declarations of candidacy may be submitted in the month of December each year.

General Manager:

In 2018, Lake Cushman Maintenance Company and the Board of Directors hired a General Manager. This position allows an everyday onsite liaison to the Board of Directors and direction for the Department Managers.

LCMC Staff:

The Lake Cushman Maintenance Company employs 15 full time individuals, and as many as 20 part time individuals as needed especially in the summer months, along with consultants, to service and maintain the development. There are four department managers: Public Works Manager, Security Manager, Parks & Recreational Operations Manager, Golf Clubhouse Manager and Administrative Services Manager.

For a complete description of the responsibilities of the LCMC and the Board of Directors, please refer to the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws.

Budget Process:

The LCMC Board may appoint a Finance Committee, with the Chairman being the Board Treasurer. The Finance Committee assists in the development of the LCMC budget. Each year in early fall, the General Manager, with the input from the Department Managers, Finance Administrator and Board Treasurer begins a review of the current budget and development of the next year’s budget. Once a proposed budget is prepared, open meetings are scheduled for the membership to review the proposal and give input. Then it is reviewed and voted on by the Board of Directors. Within thirty days after adoption of the budget by the board, the board schedules a membership voting meeting and mails the proposed budget to the membership. The voting meeting must take place not less than 14, or more than 50 days after the mailing. Unless a majority of the membership reject the budget, it is considered ratified. Voters who are unable to attend the meeting may submit a proxy form prior to the meeting, indicating their decision (yes or no) on ratification, and the name of the member who will be placing their vote.

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