Checking for Possible Leaks

As the managers of the Lake Cushman Maintenance Company (LCMC) water system, we are responsible for operating the water system to ensure optimum performance and minimal waste. You could be consuming large amounts of water that will result in high consumption charges. Additionally, a leak could be causing damage to your dwelling, or other structures. 


Per the Public Works Committee Protective Policies and Procedures, if a customer receives notification for more than 3 consecutive months, LCMC will begin the processing of disconnecting water service. If we determine that the water service will be shut off, you will receive further notification, and water will not be restored until the problem is resolved. There may also be fees associated with this process and would be outlined in the current approved LCMC Fee and Fine Schedule.


To determine what is going on with your water system, we have a few suggestions:

1.      Check to make sure that toilets are not running – put a dark liquid (soda, food coloring, etc.) into the tank of the toilet and see if it seeps into the bowl. If it does, you have a running toilet.

2.      Check to make sure faucets are not dripping – place a bowl or dish under each faucet and see if it collects any water.

3.      Check to make sure things that are supposed to be off are in fact off – go around and turn knobs tightly.

4.      Check your meter for leak indication - turn off water to your house using your own shut-off valve if you have one. (If not, make sure all indoor and outdoor faucets are closed tight, and any water using appliances (e.g., dishwasher) are turned off.) Go out to your meter box. Check and record the meter reading. Wait at least 30 minutes before checking the meter again. Do not use any water, or even take ice from an icemaker, while you are waiting! Read the meter again. If the reading has changed, you most likely have a leak, or some other condition, causing unexpected flow of water in your system. 

·        The meter box is usually found in a small concrete or plastic box near the street. 
If you are unable to locate it, complete a Request for Action form online at

·        You may need the services of a professional plumber to find and repair the condition you are experiencing. You will find several of them listed in the Shelton phone directory, and online.


On weekdays between 7:00AM and 3:00PM, contact the Public Works Department at 360-877-2728, or contact Security at 360-877-5215 any other time, if you need your water turned off at the meter to reduce waste, or facilitate repairs. There may also be fees associated with this process and would be outlined in the current approved LCMC Fee and Fine Schedule. Do not attempt to shut off water at the meter yourself. It is considered tampering and is subject to a $750 fine.


If you have experienced a leak or other malfunction with your system that results in high consumption charges, you may be entitled to forgiveness of those charges.  

Plumbers / Locators

Lake Cushman Maintenance Company (LCMC) has provided this list of plumbers / locators that may work in the Lake Cushman area, however;
LCMC does not endorse or recommend any of these companies or their goods or services.
LCMC takes no responsibility for the content of the companies’ websites, promises made, prices, or the quality / reliability of the products or services of these companies.

Plumbers / Locators

Plumbers WA Private Locators




Leak Forgiveness Procedure

You can request Leak forgiveness by completing the form found here:

Per the Public Works Committee Protective Policies and Procedures (Adopted the 22nd day of April 2021, Recorded 04/29/2021)


Leak. For purposes of this document, a leak is defined as an unintentional increase in water consumption due to failure of something in a lessee’s water system. Examples include, but are not limited to, a break in a water line, a running toilet, a leaking hot water tank, or malfunctioning control valve.

Consumption charges. Charges based upon amount of water used. Does not include the standby charge.

Forgiveness. Cancellation of consumption charges, as defined above, subject to limitations identified in this procedure.


Immediate corrective action - Customers receiving notification of a leak are expected to take immediate action to prevent waste, and potential contamination, of the community’s water supply. This will ordinarily involve isolating the area of the leak, and taking whatever actions are needed to prevent introduction of contaminants into the water system, such as taping or plugging the piping system. If a customer receives a notice of a possible leak for more than 3 consecutive months, LCMC will begin the process of disconnecting the service.

Permanent repairs - Repairs required will vary with the nature of the leak. Customers may either arrange for someone else to do the repair or do them themselves.

Requirements for forgiveness – The customer will be required to install a personal isolation valve or provide proof that one is already installed. Documentation for the work done is required to request forgiveness. If the customer hires the work done, a copy of the paid invoice(s) may be used for documentation. If the repairs are done by the customer, the customer may provide copies of sales receipts for material, and/or a signed statement indicating that he/she has completed the repairs.

Requesting forgiveness - The customer will present the documentation required to the Administrative Services Staff. When Administrative Services Personnel have verified that the documentation shows the problem was fixed and an isolation valve is installed on the property, they are authorized to offer forgiveness of consumption charges for the quarter in which notification was provided, and either the prior quarter, or following quarter, depending upon when the notification was provided. Support Services Personnel are not permitted to offer forgiveness for more than two quarters of consumption charges, unless approved by the Board.

Repeat occurrences - The Administrative Services Staff will review cases in which the customer is known to have been given forgiveness on a past leak. The customer will ordinarily be given the benefit of the doubt, and the new leak will be treated as a new problem. In that case, the above forgiveness procedures will be applied. If the leak is the result of inadequate attention to an old problem, the case will be referred to the Public Works Committee.

Appeal - If the customer is not satisfied with the forgiveness offered by the Administrative Services Staff, they may appeal their case to the Public Works Committee. A customer may represent themselves, or may be represented by an attorney, but not by a LCMC employee. An attorney will not represent the LCMC unless the customer is so represented. If the customer is to be represented by an attorney, the customer must inform the LCMC of that fact at the time the written request for a hearing is delivered to the LCMC, or if the services of an attorney are procured later, then as soon as such representation is arranged. The Administrative Services Staff will provide guidance on how a customer may appeal their case, and how to remain a member-in-good-standing until their case is heard by the Public Works Committee.